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Robert Kraiss: Mussu

56 pages, 25 images, softbound, thread-stitched, variant covers, ger./engl., 25,2 x 19,5 cm, text by Olivia Poloni

Co-edited & designed by Tom Lingnau

Revolver Publishing Berlin, September 2012

ISBN 978-3-86895-245-2

Robert Kraiss: The stinking and the perfumed elephant

(Ein Reisebericht)

104 pages, softbound, german, 19,6 x 12,8 cm

Avatar Magazin Cologne, July 2011 (A5)

ISBN 978-3-00-034759-7

The stinking and the perfumed elephant (Ein Reisebericht)

Limited edition of 30, signed & numbered, with a drawing by Robert Kraiss

COLLABORATION: Knockin' on Mind's Door

Project-Documentation »Knockin' on Mind's Door«,

as part of »COLLABORATION. Vermittlung.Kunst.Verein.

Ein Modellprojekt zur zeitgemäßen Kunstvermittlung an Kunstvereinen in Nordrhein-Westfalen. 2008-2009«

Edited by Birgit Laskowski, designed by Tom Lingnau

36 pages, 45 images, saddle-stitched, german, b/w, 25,2 x 19,4 cm

Kjubh Kunstverein Cologne, October 2010

Katharina Jahnke: Frozen States (Neon und Nebel)

64 pages, 48 images, softbound, b/w, 19,6 x 12,9 cm

Avatar Magazin Cologne, March 2010 (A4)

ISBN 978-3-00-030288-6

Code und Material: Exkursionen ins Undingliche

Edited by Georg Trogemann

Lab3, Laboratory for Experimental Computer Science, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Co-edited by Karin Lingnau, Tom Lingnau & Lasse Scherffig Designed by Tom Lingnau

192 pages, 78 images, softbound, german, b/w & color, 22,7 x 16,5 cm

Springer Wien New York, March 2010

ISBN 978-3-7091-0120-9

Svenja Kreh: Schrecken der Hohlwelt

40 pages, 28 images, saddle-stitched, b/w, 23,5 x 16,5 cm

Avatar Magazin Cologne, May 2008 (A3)

Published on the occasion of the exhibition »ChipOneExchange at Mansarovar«, Simultanhalle Cologne, May/June 2008

Karin Lingnau: The Metaverse

48 pages, softbound, b/w, 17 x 12 cm, Insert by Svenja Kreh

Avatar Magazin, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, May 2008 (A2)

Karin Lingnau: In Space

48 pages, 18 images, softbound, b/w, 17 x 12 cm

Avatar Magazin, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, July 2007 (A1)

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